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High Styrene Rubber

High styrene rubber is a special variety of styrene butadiene rubber. It is a non-polar polymer prepared from the co-polymerization of styrene and butadiene latex.


0809101756153588Application : High styrene rubber is suitable for the manufacture of high-hardness and low-density products.
1. Shoe-making: hard soles, heel, rigid foam sole, imitation leather shoes etc.;
2. As floor materials: rubber floor tile; industrial products, like rubber roll, washer, hard rubber tube and other sponge products;
3. Sports industry: balls, roller-skate;
4. Electrical insulating material;
5. High-grade bike cover tyre; various printing pastern roller; slab rubber; 6. ABS, AS plastic;In recent years, rubber field are paying more attention to reinforcement of high styrene rubber, especially in the automobile industry, such as applied in the tyre. Therefore, potential market of HSR is very huge.

Performance : Accredited by experts who organized by the Shandong province Committee, our product has supplied a gap in China. Its major technical indicators have reached world leading level, and can be the complete substitute of imported products, such as Japan’s NIPOL HS850, HS860&HS870, JSR0060 and KER1904 and HS260 etc.

 High Styrene Rubber

Packing & Storage 
In high-strength composite bag lined with PE-coated woven bag/composite kraft paper bag, net wt. 20kg. Protect against fire, water and sunlight. Stored in cool and draughty place. Pile height: 20 bags max.